5 Common Carpet Myths Debunked

The countless benefits of carpet – from beauty and performance to value– are widely documented and appreciated by homeowners seeking a safe, stylish and durable flooring solution. But since there are, unfortunately, many myths and misconceptions about carpet, we turned to our experts and partners to separate fact from fiction and debunk five common fabrications and falsehoods.

  1. 1. Myth: Carpet is not durable enough for my family

    Carpet Myth Not Durable

    Think carpet can’t stand up to the daily wear and tear of an active household? Think again. STAINMASTER® carpet is a smart, long-term flooring investment that can take what your family and fur babies dish out and, ultimately, stand the test of time. The exceptional fiber known as nylon 6,6 is part of STAINMASTER® carpet’s and STAINMASTER® PetProtect® carpet’s secret weapon against daily wear and tear, even in a home’s highest-traffic areas, due to its unsurpassed durability attributes. In addition to being soft and beautiful, nylon 6,6 is resilient and easy to clean, which means those carpets stay looking and feeling newer longer.

    We put all STAINMASTER® carpets to the test – several tests, actually – before it makes it to your home. “Our aggressive performance testing spans multiple categories, including texture retention, stain and soil, to ensure quality of construction,” said Mohan Rao, research fellow at STAINMASTER®. “Carpet must meet our rigorous standards before earning STAINMASTER® brand certification. So you can be confident that STAINMASTER® carpets, especially those made with our nylon 6,6 superhero fiber, are durable enough for your family.”

    All STAINMASTER® carpets feature lifetime limited warranty protection against food and beverage stains, soiling and static shock – offering added peace of mind.

  2. 2. Myth: Carpet is outdated and unfashionable

    Carpet Myth Style

    When it comes to style, carpet has come a long, long way since the signature shag look of the 1970s. Consumers can now choose from a wide variety of colors, textures and patterns to complement design and décor tastes and freshen up any room. Carpet is a versatile solution that can either create a neutral foundation or serve as a vibrant, bold focal point.

    Modern-day flooring style transcends looks, however. “These days, it’s the whole enchilada – carpet needs to be beautiful, functional and durable, while also bringing an inviting, cozy feeling to a living space,” says Interior Designer and STAINMASTER® Ambassador Janna Albritton.

    While hard surfaces can echo and make a room feel empty, carpet dampens noise and creates warmth through thermal insulation – especially in the colder winter months. “I love wall-to-wall carpet in the bedroom,” Albritton says. “It feels like a big hug when you walk in. It connects the room and brings a sense of peace, calm and quiet. Now that we’re all spending so much time at home, we’re looking for qualities that make our home our haven.”

  3. 3. Myth: Carpet is tough to keep clean and stains easily

    Carpet Myth Stains

    Proper cleaning keeps carpet looking great and can help improve indoor air quality. And the good news is that doing so is easy and painless. Weekly vacuuming, professional cleaning every 12 to 18 months, and quick spot cleaning with household solutions is all it takes. Our Carpet Care Guide is loaded with helpful maintenance advice.

    “People often disregard the fact that because it’s easier to see dirt and debris on hard floor surfaces, they spend more time cleaning and maintaining them. Most people don’t clean their carpet as well or as often as they should,” said John Kim, senior technical marketing manager at STAINMASTER®. “So when they run the vacuum, they see it picking up large accumulations of debris and think it means their carpet is inherently dirty. But the reality is carpet is easy to maintain and clean… it just takes a little discipline.”

    STAINMASTER® carpet is engineered to live up to life’s messiest moments, which means you spend less time scrubbing and more time relaxing. All of our carpets pass stringent stain protection testing to ensure most spills and accidents come up with some combination of liquid dish soap, vinegar and warm water – without color fading. Check out our Carpet Stain Removal Guide for tips on tackling a variety of potentially pesky stains, from wine and ketchup to candle wax.

    Animal lovers can rest easy with STAINMASTER® PetProtect®, the first carpet and cushion system designed for pets and their people, with built-in protection against even the most beastly stains. The STAINMASTER® carpet cushion’s breathable moisture barrier helps prevent accidents from penetrating the carpet padding and subfloor, providing increased odor protection after thorough cleaning. And STAINMASTER® PetProtect® carpet is engineered to easily release pet hair during vacuuming, minimizing Fido’s furry footprint.

  4. 4. Myth: Carpet aggravates asthma and allergies

    Kids playing

    One of most common myths is that carpet triggers airborne allergies. When in fact, it can be one of the biggest allies for sufferers. There are no scientific studies linking allergy and asthma to carpet. In fact, The Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) reports that several studies (read more here and here) actually disprove any correlation and show that carpet fibers trap allergens and prevent them from circulating. And that’s a good thing, because dust, dirt, pollen and pet dander float atop hard surfaces and travel up into the air (and your lungs). “Some studies suggest that carpet tends to subdue that effect by acting as a passive air filter, trapping irritants for easy vacuuming and removing them from the breathing zone,” Kim explains.

  5. 5. Myth: Carpet contains harmful chemicals

    Kid on stairs

    Many people incorrectly believe that the familiar “new carpet smell” is caused by harmful chemicals. Others believe formaldehyde is used in carpet production (it hasn’t since 1978).

    Additionally, no STAINMASTER® carpet products are manufactured with any per- and polyfluoralkyl substances (PFAS), a broad category of man-made chemicals. In December 2018, after years of research and development, we successfully introduced a truly differentiated PFAS-free product that delivers long-term performance benefits promised by the STAINMASTER brand.

    Nearly all STAINMASTER® carpet styles have been submitted by their mills to the Carpet and Rug Institute’s (CRI’s) Green Label or Green Label Plus Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) testing programs, which identifies carpet, adhesive and cushion products that meet or exceed government indoor air quality regulations and are the lowest VOC-emitting products on the market.

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