How These Carpet-Cleaning Products Protect Against Returning Stains

carpet cleaning products resoiling

Isn’t it frustrating to clean a stain only to have it gradually reappear a few months later? There’s actually an explanation for what’s happening, and there’s a solution.

Here are three ways you’re protected with the help of STAINMASTER® carpet-cleaning products:

  • Avoiding ghost stains

    Messes can happen in your home: grape juice from an overturned glass, a pet who has an accident, ketchup that escapes a burger… In a moment, your pristine carpet is stained. But what’s even more troubling is that sometimes, after you’ve cleaned up the stain, it mysteriously reappears. So, what’s going on here?

    Ghost stains, as some like to call them, can be caused by the cleaner itself. Some carpet-cleaning products leave a sticky residue that actually attracts dirt. Initially, that sticky residue looks clean. But when people walk on the carpet, soil transfers from the bottom of their shoes to the sticky carpet fibers. The result? A stain that looks like a shadow of the earlier stain.

    STAINMASTER® carpet-cleaning products, including Carpet Stain Remover, Carpet Pet Stain Remover and Carpet Pet Deep Cleaner, remove stains without leaving a sticky residue. The chemistry in these cleaners leaves behind an invisible coating that actually resists resoiling from dirt. So those ghost stains can stop haunting you and your carpet.

  • Avoiding wicking stains

    There’s another kind of reappearing stain: wicking stains. And it has a different cause and a different solution. Imagine an iceberg. You see some of the iceberg above water, but most of it is hidden beneath, right? The same is true of wicking stains. When a liquid penetrates the carpet, it spreads out in the carpet padding. It may look like a relatively small stain on the surface, but most of the stain is hidden from sight.

    If you don’t clean the stain thoroughly, the liquid will travel slowly from the padding back up the carpet fibers (a process called wicking) until it reappears on the carpet surface. There are two solutions to this problem, and both have to do with how you clean the carpet.

    First, be sure your cleaner penetrates deeply into the carpet and padding beneath—STAINMASTER® carpet-cleaning products do this. For darker stains, you can check your cleaning job by dampening the spot with water again (after cleaning). This kick-starts the wicking process. After a few minutes, blot up the moisture with a white cloth. Continue blotting until your cloth no longer picks up any stain residue. Sometimes there is more hiding in the carpet padding that needs to be removed.

    Second, because liquid spreads sideways in the padding, you should clean an area larger than the spot on the carpet. A stain one inch in diameter might grow to six inches or more in the padding. So, treat the larger area. This will help you clean the stain that has already spread, keep the stain from continuing to do so and enable you to blot more of it up.

  • Avoiding resoiling in high-traffic areas

    Stains aren’t the only things that can reappear. Soiling—dirt particles transferred from shoes—can be an issue for high-traffic carpet areas, such as hallways and doorways. Because some carpet-cleaning products leave a sticky residue, high-traffic areas can be subject to resoiling after they’ve been cleaned. Tracked-in dirt that adheres to sticky carpet fibers causes the carpet to look dingy over time.

    STAINMASTER® carpet-cleaning products such as Carpet High Traffic Cleaner and Carpet Pet High Traffic Cleaner are specially formulated to remove those dirt particles and to coat the carpet fibers with an invisible shield that protects against resoiling by repelling dirt. And your carpets can stay looking cleaner, longer.

    So until a perfect world of forever-clean homes comes along, STAINMASTER® carpet-cleaning products can help you clean up stains and protect against resoiling from dirt.

Keep it clean. These STAINMASTER® carpet products can help.

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