How Carpet Cushion Can Reduce Common Pet Concerns

carpet cushion benefits stainmaster petprotect

STAINMASTER® PetProtect® carpet and cushion system is more than just a soft landing spot for superhero pets. It also resists most difficult pet stains and releases pet hair when vacuumed.

But the carpet isn’t doing all the work by itself. The cushion does a lot of the heavy lifting to protect against common pet concerns such as accidents and odor.

Here are three ways STAINMASTER® carpet cushion helps create a pet-friendly flooring solution:

Makes pet urine easier to clean

Pet accidents happen. And when they do, your carpet cushion can help you clean it up.

Unlike most carpet padding, STAINMASTER® carpet cushion features a proprietary breathable moisture barrier. The barrier helps to keep pet urine from soaking into the cushion and even your subfloor. So not only does it make cleanup a breeze, STAINMASTER® carpet cushion can actually help prevent stains from reappearing on the carpet.

Helps reduce pet odors

The breathable moisture barrier also helps to reduce pet odors. When pet urine is kept from seeping into STAINMASTER® carpet cushion, the lingering pet smell is reduced when the carpet is thoroughly cleaned.

Helps reduce noise in the room

STAINMASTER® carpet cushion can’t totally quiet pets (and kids), but it does act as a barrier to help reduce noise—particularly helpful if they all like to voice their opinions frequently.

Go where adventure leads. Let STAINMASTER® PetProtect® carpet and cushion system be your foundation.

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