4 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Carpet for Kids’ Bedrooms

Is it time to replace the carpet in your kids’ bedrooms? If so, you probably already know one thing: They need something that can stand up to their active ways.

So when you embark on your search, consider a STAINMASTER® brand carpet. It makes it easier to clean even life’s messiest moments—whether they’re spills from a midnight snack, soiling from dirty shoes or stains from an impromptu slumber party. With this durable carpet, you don’t have to worry about how messy your kids’ adventures (or misadventures) get.

Plus, there’s more good news: Did you know you can make searching for the perfect carpet an awesome bonding experience?

With these tips on choosing carpet for kids’ bedrooms from acclaimed interior designer Warren Sheets, you can find the perfect color and style with your kids—because all children should love their room.

  • Tip 1: Open the conversation

    kid playing on carpet

    Kids are creative, and their bedrooms should allow them to express that creativity. “Depending on their age, encouraging kids’ self-expression and evolving tastes are important to keep in mind,” says Sheets. “Make it a collaborative process by [discussing] different styles and ideas together.”

    Use drawings, a collage, your child’s favorite toys and activities, or even a Pinterest board to find inspiration for the carpet’s color, pattern, or style.

  • Tip 2: Ensure the comfort-ability

    kids having a sleepover with snacks on the carpet

    The floor is your kids’ playground. Whether it’s games to play at home, books to read or a last-minute slumber party, it’s all done on the floor. When choosing carpet for kids—especially the young ones—find one that’s soft.

    Here’s a fun thing to try with the kids: Take the “barefoot test” by walking on a carpet sample without shoes and socks. If taking your shoes off in the store gets you funny looks, use your hand to feel for comfort.

  • Tip 3: Prepare for compromises

    kids doing handstands on carpet

    Compromises might be in order, since this likely won’t be the last time your kids will want to update the style and theme of their room. Try trading a bright pink carpet for a pink wall (complete with rainbows and unicorns). And for the carpet, pick neutral patterns and colors that can grow with your child.

    Our carpet comes in so many styles and colors that it’s easy to find the perfect carpet for kids’ bedrooms that you and your children will love.

  • Tip 4: Remember the rug

    kid dancing on carpet

    “Make it easy to alter things when necessary without having to undergo a complete do-over,” Sheets advises.

    If your child dreams of being an astronaut and is set on getting carpet that looks like outer space, you can always get an area rug with planets and rocket ships. Then you can switch it out when she decides she actually wants to become a vet.

    Now, you’re ready to pick out carpet with your kids, for your kids. Plus, when you choose a STAINMASTER® brand carpet, finding the perfect color and style for your kids’ bedrooms is easy. With so many durable, long-lasting and easy-to-clean options, it’s, well, a no brainer.

Get carpet that lasts, so you can have kids and nice things.

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