4 Tips for Maintaining a Clean Hardwood Floor

clean hardwood floor

You finally found the perfect hardwood floor that pairs so well with the décor in your living room. Was it worth the investment? Oh, every penny.

But lately, the floor seems to have lost its luster. After all that effort and expense, the floor doesn’t have that same gorgeous quality as when it was installed. So, what happened?

The likely culprit is gradual dirt and grime buildup. It’s not like a stain that you notice immediately. Instead, it slowly takes a toll on the beauty of your hardwood floor. Fortunately, all you need is the right cleaner to restore your floor’s shine.

STAINMASTER™ Hardwood Floor Cleaner removes dirt and protects against grime buildup. It cleans without leaving a dulling residue and is great for no-wax, sealed wood floors and laminate.

To get the most from this cleaner and a hardwood floor that looks great, follow these four tips:

  • Tip 1: Remember that speed counts

    It’s important to use cleaners that work quickly, because wood floors don’t like to be saturated with water for long periods; it makes them swell. When you saturate the wood for a long time to remove stains, you increase the chances of damaging your flooring.

    STAINMASTER™ Hardwood Floor Cleaner is powerful and makes light-duty cleaning effective: Just apply the cleaner and use one pass of a mop to pick it up quickly. Your floors spend less time wet, and you spend less time cleaning.

  • Tip 2: Remove grit from the floor

    Hardwood floors can get scratched, so the last thing you want to do when you clean your floors is leave them with more scratches than when you began. If you don’t remove particles from your floor before cleaning, you may rub them against the floor’s surface. That’s why it’s important to sweep up dirt, grit, and sand from the floor before beginning a wet treatment.

    It’s also important to routinely sweep up particles that can scratch your floor’s surface so they don’t have a chance to leave scratches behind. Just one more reason to give the floor a regular light cleaning.

  • Tip 3: Apply the proper amount of cleaner

    It may be tempting to use too much cleaner on your floor. More is better, right? Well, not always. Aside from exposing the wood to more liquid than necessary, some caustic or acidic cleaners can damage the polymer coating on the floor’s surface that helps to repel water and preserve the glossy look.

    Instead, follow the instructions for STAINMASTER™ Hardwood Floor Cleaner. It’s specifically designed for hardwood floors, so it’s effective, requires less effort, and safely reveals the shine of your floor.

  • Tip 4: Use the right equipment

    The right tools can make any job easier, and in this case, it’s the STAINMASTER™ Floor Cleaning Kit. This mop brings out the best in STAINMASTER™ hard-surface floor cleaners, as it includes a microfiber cloth that efficiently applies and quickly removes liquids. And the mop’s pole is flexible yet durable, allowing you to easily access hard-to-reach places.

    With the best mop and cleaner, your hardwood floors can keep their gorgeous luster. And because STAINMASTER™ Hardwood Floor Cleaner works quickly and efficiently, maintaining your floors doesn’t have to take long. That’s good for you and your clean hardwood floors, which will show their appreciation by shining brightly.

Bring on the shine. STAINMASTER™ Hardwood Floor Cleaner will lead the way.

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