6 Genius Tips to Clean Your House Smarter Not Harder

clean house easy tips

There are certain household tasks that you can’t escape (hello, cleaning). But you can follow these time-savvy ideas for a more efficient cleaning regimen that helps keep your home in tip-top shape. Follow these tips to get started.

  1. 1. Declutter daily

    Set aside 15 minutes each day to declutter busy rooms. In the morning, make the beds and toss dirty laundry into laundry baskets. At night, load all dirty dishes into the dishwasher and wipe off kitchen countertops. Include kids in the fun: Younger ones can help put toys in baskets, while older kids can straighten their own rooms.

  2. 2. Clean carpets more often to stay ahead of ground-in dirt

    Pets, kids, adults—we all make messes. Fight back with a carpet cleaner for those busy paths on your carpet, such as hallways, landings, and frequently used rooms. (Timesaver tip: Use STAINMASTER® High Traffic Cleaner, which removes ground-in dirt from carpet and protects against resoiling by repelling dirt.)

  3. 3. Remove stains when they happen

    Take care of stains on the spot. STAINMASTER® Carpet Stain Remover lifts away tough stains and cleans on contact while penetrating deep to remove tough, set-in stains such as grape juice, chocolate syrup, jelly, ketchup, coffee, and wine.

  4. 4. Reveal your floor’s shine

    A mid-week floor cleaning helps remove grime. Use a multi-surface or hardwood floor cleaner that reveals the floor’s shine with no dulling residue and gives a powerful, easy clean every time (such as STAINMASTER™ Multi-Surface Floor Cleaner and STAINMASTER™ Hardwood Floor Cleaner).

  5. 5. Get the right tools in the right places

    Keep a portable bucket of cleaning supplies on each floor. Stock up on what works for you and your cleaning routine—color-coded cloths for different dusting and scrubbing tasks, for example.

  6. 6. Timing is everything

    Find a day and time of the week that works best and establish a routine. Tackle one room on one day and another room the next. Or perhaps your family works best as a team on Saturday mornings with music blaring and everyone in cleaning mode. Whatever works!

Get to a clean house the easy way with STAINMASTER™ home cleaning products.

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