3 Everyday Ingredients for a Clean Kitchen

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The kitchen? It’s the best room in the house. But that means it can get a bit messy, because appliances, stovetops and granite countertops can document every stain, smudge and spill from each family hangout.

And those stains, smudges and spills all might look the same, but the surfaces they land on have different needs—meaning your all-purpose cleaners may not be the perfect solution for maintaining a clean kitchen.

But don’t give up just yet—a clean and cared-for kitchen is still within your grasp. With our three kitchen cleaning products specifically made for stainless steel, cooktops and granite countertops, cleanup is now quick and easy—and it provides protection for your cherished kitchen surfaces.

So, go ahead. Make a mess. With these products, your kitchen will be so clean your family will think you always order in:

  • For stainless steel surfaces

    Use: STAINMASTER™ Stainless Steel Cleaner

    Stainless steel is a popular choice for appliances because, as its name implies, it resists staining. But stainless steel also shows fingerprints, and when you try to get rid of them with some cleaners, you’re left with a dulling residue, spotting and streaks.

    Some cleaners are mineral-oil based. These hide fingerprints by adding a layer that reduces the glossing of the surface to match the oil from your fingertips. That layer is sticky, so dust, flour, spices and other materials stick to it—frustrating your goal of having a clean kitchen. That’s why you need STAINMASTER™ Stainless Steel Cleaner.

    How it works: Our stainless steel cleaner is water-based, so it leaves no sticky residue. Its unique non-oil-based formula cleans to reveal the natural beauty and shine of your stainless steel surfaces. It removes fingerprints and greasy stains and resists water spots, dirt and dust. STAINMASTER™ Stainless Steel Cleaner also blends evenly so you can do spot touch-ups, which keeps small cleaning jobs, well, small.

    Just spray directly from the bottle onto your stainless steel surface. Then clean the applied area completely in the direction of the grain, using a paper towel or soft cloth.

    Why you’ll love it: You’ll spend less time cleaning the kitchen and more time doing what you love: cooking, eating and hanging out with family. Plus, your stainless steel surfaces will look clean enough to eat on. (But your dining table will probably work better.)

  • For cooktop surfaces

    Use: STAINMASTER™ Cooktop Cleaner

    Your favorite spaghetti sauce gets rave reviews from your guests, but it can certainly leave a mess—especially when it boils over and chars your cooktop right before you’re ready to sit down with friends. Cleaning your cooktop can be a challenge because you need a strong cleaner and a quick clean—but harsh, abrasive cleaners can scratch. Don’t give up spaghetti, dinner parties or a clean kitchen. Instead, use STAINMASTER™ Cooktop Cleaner.

    How it works: Our cooktop cleaner is nonabrasive and removes stuck-on grease and grime with a surface-protectant technology that helps prevent messes from sticking and staining with each use. Use it to repel grease and clean food spills and messes without scratching your cooktop surface.

    It also works straight from the bottle, with no additional mixing or diluting needed—making a clean kitchen quick and convenient. It works on both ceramic and enameled steel surfaces, too.

    Just spray directly from the bottle onto your range or cooktop. Then clean the applied area completely using a sponge, paper towel or soft cloth.

    Why you’ll love it: STAINMASTER™ Cooktop Cleaner not only makes cleaning your cooktop a breeze, but it also makes future stains easier to wipe up. So tackle all the sauces, gravies and curries you want, because now you can focus on the food, not the cleaning.

  • For granite surfaces

    Use: STAINMASTER™ Granite Cleaner

    There’s a lot to like about granite: it’s durable, easy to clean, natural and adds value to your home. But unfortunately stains like it, too. Granite, like all natural stones, is porous and allows liquids to soak in, leading to permanent stains if not properly sealed. Sealing your granite countertop helps, but you can further protect your granite from stains with STAINMASTER™ Granite Cleaner.

    How it works: The unique formula in our granite cleaner removes stuck-on grease and grime. But it does even more: It includes a surface protectant that helps prevent future messes from sticking and staining with each use.

    Specially designed for stone surfaces, it cleans and repels smudges and prevents common kitchen spills from staining. And thanks to the quick and convenient cleaning solution that works straight from the bottle, there’s no need for additional mixing or diluting.

    Spray the solution directly from the bottle onto your granite surface. Clean the applied area completely using a paper towel or soft cloth.

    Why you’ll love it: After cooking a great dish, you know you can’t rest until your granite countertops look great again. So let STAINMASTER™ Granite Cleaner do some of the work for you by cleaning and protecting your countertops against smudges and grease. Plus, you’ll have more time to look over that next recipe. Or maybe it’s time to give your clean kitchen a break and dine out.

Keep your kitchen spotless. These STAINMASTER™ kitchen cleaning products make cleanup quick and easy.

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