5 Everyday Tips to Keep Your Cooktop Looking New

cooktop cleaning tips

Dinnertime is always followed by dinner cleanup. And sometimes it’s the last thing you want to do. But if you don’t, before you know it, your stovetop is blemished by charred stains, baked-on grease and other unidentifiable liquids from a meal you cooked last month. Yuck. And if you use an all-purpose cleaner, it may be too abrasive for your cooktop while not preventing tomorrow’s dinner messes from becoming dinner stains.

So instead, turn to a cleaner made specifically for cooktops that not only cleans but protects: STAINMASTER™ Cooktop Cleaner. Made with InvisiTech® cleaning and surface-protectant technology, everyday cleaning is quick, easy and helps prevent future messes from sticking and staining with each use.

Ready to keep your cooktop looking newer, longer? Combine STAINMASTER™ Cooktop Cleaner with these five easy tips to keep your stovetop looking great every day:

  1. 1. Clean spills immediately

    It may sound like a no-brainer: The sooner you can safely wipe up a spill, the better.

    That’s why our cooktop cleaner was created with two purposes in mind: to immediately go after tough stains and to leave a surface protectant that helps prevent stains and future messes from sticking.

  2. 2. Clean drip pans after dinner

    By cleaning drip pans after dinner, you can easily wipe up those after-dinner spills and avoid the regular soaking of tough, set-in stains.

    Plus, stains happen when hot oil drips, spreads and starts to burn onto a surface, causing it to become charred. With the help of our cooktop cleaner, you can prevent charring with its surface-protectant layer that allows oil to bead up instead of spread.

  3. 3. Don’t forget the rest of your stove

    If you don’t show the other parts of your stove some love, it can still look dirty even if your cooktop is clean.

    So, every day, clean the surfaces on stoves or ranges that are prone to stuck-on grease and grime—the backsplash, control panel and oven door—to keep your entire stove looking newer, longer.

  4. 4. Use a paper towel or microfiber cloth

    Is it a super-icky mess? Grab something disposable—and ditch the sponges, as they could scratch your cooktop surface.

    Instead, use paper towels or microfiber cloths to further prevent streaks and scratching.

  5. 5. Avoid harsh abrasive cleaners

    Many cleaning products are abrasive, which can cause scratching on your cooktop surface. But gentle cleaners meant for everyday use won’t scratch, because they don’t carry any abrasive particles.

    STAINMASTER™ Cooktop Cleaner is safe enough to use every day for a thorough clean that also helps avoid scratching.

Let the kids do the dishes. You take the cooktop. STAINMASTER™ Cooktop Cleaner makes cleaning easy.

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