How PetProtect® Carpet and Dog Activities Keep Families Together at Home

dog activities at home
  • Fur or not, everyone’s a part of your family. And with pet-friendly carpet, you can live without gates and worry.

    These dog activities—combined with STAINMASTER® PetProtect® carpet—can keep your family together throughout your home:

  • The playroom

    Anything’s possible with a child’s imagination, which means playtime can get a bit messy. But, hey—that’s what playrooms are for. Let your pets and kids don superhero costumes to fight off villains, or just eat snacks on the floor.

    Benefit: Our carpet easily releases pet hair during vacuuming, making cleanup a piece of cake—even after world-saving missions.

  • The bedroom

    After a long workday, you like to relax in bed with a book or reruns of your favorite show. Your pet probably feels the same after a long day of indoor adventures. Bring your pets into the bedroom and provide a water bowl and their favorite blanket on the floor.

    Benefit: Sleep soundly with your pet, knowing that STAINMASTER® PetProtect® carpet has built-in stain resistance and helps prevent pet stains. Overnight accidents won’t be a problem.

  • The living room

    Pets don’t belong on the couch—said no pet parent ever. Invite your pet to sit with you for family movie night, or play some fun dog activities like a friendly game of tug-of-war or hide-and-seek before dinnertime. Pro-tip: Steer clear of the TV.

    Benefit: With the exceptional durability of STAINMASTER® PetProtect® carpet, dog activities for the whole family can happen much more often when you don’t have to worry about the scampering of feet and paws.

  • The home office

    While you’re typing away at your desk, trying to meet a deadline, let Fido hang out on his dog bed with a toy (that doesn’t squeak!) or a tasty bone. Just think of him as a silent cheerleader who’s rooting for you to meet that deadline early—because then, there’s extra time for the afternoon w-a-l-k.

    Benefit: Your furry best friend can be your home office assistant with fewer distracting smells because STAINMASTER® carpet cushion helps reduce pet odors.

It’s more than pet-friendly carpet. It’s a way to tell your pet, “I love you.”

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