5 Signs You Have an Active Family (and How This Durable Carpet Can Help)

Your family certainly feels active with all the energy you spend chasing and cleaning up after them. You try your best to prevent stains, dirt, and spills on the carpet, but sometimes you just want to wave the white flag and admit that maybe it’s true: You can’t have kids and nice things.

But with STAINMASTER® Carpet, you can. It offers stain resistance, soil protection, texture retention, and exceptional durability. And you deserve that: a durable carpet that can take what your family dishes out.

Here are five signs that your home might be a great candidate for STAINMASTER® Carpet:

  • Sign 1: Piles of shoes by the front door

    durable carpet entryway

    Not everyone abides by that “Leave Your Worries (and Shoes) By the Door” sign in your entryway. And even though your family has finally learned that it’s not a cute decoration, it hasn’t reduced the number of times you’ve had the uncomfortable, “Please take off your shoes” talk with your guests. Plus, your shoe-filled entryway is now a bit of a tripping hazard.

    How STAINMASTER® Carpet can help: It offers soil protection to help keep your carpet clean and easy to maintain. Now, you really can leave your worries at the door—and you don’t have to ask guests to remove their shoes.

  • Sign 2: Spending too much time scrubbing stains

    durable carpet cleaning

    Towel? Check. Bath bomb? Check. Good book? Check. “Finally,” you think. “Time to relax.” But just as you sink down in the tub, there’s a bang on the door. Someone spilled grape juice in the living room. Sayonara, 15 minutes of relaxation. Try again tomorrow.

    How STAINMASTER® Carpet can help: This durable carpet is stain resistant, which makes it easier to clean life’s messiest moments: spills, soiling, stains and even pet accidents. That means you’re able to spend less time scrubbing and more time relaxing.

  • Sign 3: Game night setup is no fun

    It’s game night, but hold the fun until you’ve maneuvered everything on the coffee table to fit the game board. It’s very likely that someone’s back (probably yours) will be sore after an evening of awkwardly leaning over the game board from a far-away seat.

    How STAINMASTER® Carpet can help: This carpet offers texture retention to help maintain its original appearance. Now, your carpet can be the game board. And when the evening’s over, it’ll still look as good as ever.

  • Sign 4: A firm no-snack rule in any room except the kitchen

    durable carpet stain resistant

    When the family gets together to watch a movie, no snacks or drinks (except maybe water) are allowed. And what if the kids want an after-dinner snack while doing their homework in the playroom? No can do. In this house, food and beverages are only permitted in the kitchen.

    How STAINMASTER® Carpet can help: You don’t have to worry about spills on the carpet. It’s stain resistant, so the kids can have dessert during homework and movies can be watched how they were intended: with snacks.

  • Sign 5: Needing stop signs in your hallways

    durable carpet peace of mind

    What’s all that racket upstairs? It sounds like one of the kids scored a hat trick on the hallway carpet. Good guess, because when it rains, soccer practice moves indoors. You have two choices: Play hall monitor (no running, please) and end the fun, or put up a stop sign in place of the family portrait. Either way, there’s no judgment here.

    How STAINMASTER® Carpet can help: This carpet is exceptionally durable, so you get peace of mind knowing your floor can take what your kids dish out. Pull up your socks and join the game. After, you’ll want to find even more games to play at home.

With STAINMASTER® Carpet, you can have kids and nice things.

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