Tips for Using Floor Cleaner on Different Hard-Surface Floors

Have hard-surface floors in your home? Ever feel like it’s a struggle to keep them clean? Like when you notice a smudge across your kitchen’s ceramic tile floor at the exact moment the doorbell rings. Or, when you’re catching up on a TV show (no spoilers, please), but you can’t stop dwelling on the dull spots on the entryway’s vinyl flooring.

You deserve to relax without worrying about how you’ll tackle the next mess that magically appears. Fortunately, there’s a silver lining. For no-wax, vinyl, sealed ceramic tile, linoleum and sealed stone floors, all you really need is one cleaner: STAINMASTER™ Multi-Surface Floor Cleaner. The way you use this cleaner follows the same basic steps across all hard-surface flooring types: pretreat, apply and clean.

So you’ve got info on the right floor cleaner to get and basic instructions for using it, but what about tips for maintaining each floor type?

Test how much you really know about multi-surface cleaning, and get a key cleaning tip for each flooring type that the STAINMASTER™ Multi-Surface Floor Cleaner works great on.

You’ve got the tips. Now get the cleaner.

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