5 Instances a Wet Floor Mop Helps Make Cleaning Easier

cleaning vinyl floor with wet mop

It’s been raining for days. The yard turned from green to brown in a matter of (what felt like) seconds. So naturally, everyone (including the dog) is tracking dirt and grime from outside into the entryway, the kitchen and down the hall to the bathroom.

All you want to do is relax, but with that mess on your hard-surface floors? No chance. Plus, pulling out the cleaner, bucket of water and mop is such a hassle—until today.

STAINMASTER™ Wet Mopping Cloths are a package deal that provides a quick-and-easy clean every time. They’re not just for big messes, either—they can also make your regular cleaning routine easier. And when you pair these cloths with the STAINMASTER™ Sweep & Mop’s flexible pole, you can clean hard-to-reach areas while protecting your floors from grimy messes, thanks to the cloths’ InvisiTech® cleaning and surface protectant technology.

Ready for an easy clean in less time? Here are five instances when you can benefit from a wet floor mop, and how this cloth-and-mop solution makes your cleaning easier:

  1. 1. Rainy or snowy days

    Rainy days call for cozy naps by the window, but the dog has to go out—rain or shine. And when it snows, it’s always as if it’s everyone’s first time seeing such a phenomenon, so playing outside in the white fluff becomes an all-day activity. But snow and rain mean messy floors in your entryway and mudroom, and sometimes you’d rather wait to clean until the forecast calls for sunshine.

    How our solution can help: These cloths include a formula similar to the STAINMASTER™ Multi-Surface Floor Cleaner, making them an all-in-one solution that easily cleans tracked-in mud, dirt and grime. So now, you can clean up messes as they happen and still find time for a nap.

    Where to clean: entryways and mudrooms

    How often: daily, during inclement weather

  2. 2. Indoor activities

    When you’re the hostess with the mostest, throwing a memorable party at home comes with a hefty to-do list: the menu, the games, the drinks, the party favors … the list goes on. During the party it’s all fun and games—until the final guest leaves and your home’s high-traffic, hard-surface areas look like, well, they got a lot of traffic.

    How our solution can help: Say goodbye to set-in, high-traffic messes on your hard-surface floors. With InvisiTech® cleaning and surface protectant technology, these cloths can prevent future messes from sticking and staining. Now, you can do more partying and less worrying.

    Where to clean: hallways and living areas

    How often: monthly or after entertaining

  3. 3. Sticky situations

    In a family of pets and kids, things can get rather sticky—and by “things,” we mean the floor. Whether it’s from Fido’s drool when he’s anxiously waiting to be fed or the kids’ candy-coated fingers while they’re snacking on the floor, that sticky residue can be stubborn to remove.

    How our solution can help: With our floor mop, you no longer have to work so hard to scrub sticky messes off your floor. Its lightweight, durable pole is designed for easy cleaning, so you can keep your home looking new (and clean) with less effort.

    Where to clean: dining room and kitchen

    How often: at least weekly

  4. 4. Watering plants

    Indoor plants are in: spider plants, peace lilies, fiddle-leaf figs … you name it. And more than likely, they’re spread across your house to bring a bit of the outdoors into every room. But when you’re giving them some TLC, the water they need may leave filmy, hard-to-clean spots on the floor.

    How our solution can help: When you pair our wet mopping cloths and floor mop, your watering and cleaning routines are stress-free. The wet mopping cloths easily remove those filmy spots from your floor, while the flexible pole’s mophead curves, swivels and turns so you can maneuver around your potted plants with ease.

    Where to clean: living room and sunroom

    How often: every other week

  5. 5. Dinnertime

    What’s everyone’s favorite time of the day? Dinnertime—especially when Dad cooks up his famous (and scrumptious) made-from-scratch chicken tenders. But he makes a mess while cooking, splattering grease and other liquids on the floor that are hard to pick up with a simple paper towel.

    How our solution can help: When Dad’s grimy messes splatter into hard-to-reach areas, our floor mop can help. Its flexible pole extends to easily reach under furniture and in your kitchen’s nooks and crannies.

    Where to clean: kitchen and dining room

    How often: every other day

Keep your floor looking new with less effort with STAINMASTER™ Wet Mopping Cloths.

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