6 Tips for Mixing and Matching Floor Styles

Those strips that help one floor transition into another probably don’t make you jump out of your seat in excitement. But if you’re planning to mix and match floor styles in your home (or just need to redo your home’s flooring room by room), it can seem hard to avoid them. So how do you make the transition from one flooring to another look good?

That’s where Watermark Interiors’ lead interior designer Barbara Lipe comes in to help. With over 30 years of experience, she offers insights into our tips for mixing and matching flooring in your home. The right transition, while keeping height variations in mind, can make your home’s flooring look straight out of a mood board—and that’s what everyone really wants, right?

  • Tip #1: Use contrasting colors

    One way to achieve a dramatic yet stylish flooring transition is to lead one color into its opposite. Lipe suggests putting darker pieces of furniture on the lighter floor and lighter pieces on the darker floor to balance the interior and make it flow. Simple, right?

    Mix and match: differently colored luxury vinyl planks, or luxury vinyl plank and ceramic tile

  • Tip #2: Lay floor in opposing directions

    floor styles opposing directions

    If you want adjacent rooms to have vinyl plank flooring but still want an obvious separation, place vinyl planks in opposing directions, starting at the rooms’ shared threshold. “Keep [the vinyl plank] in similar color palettes,” Lipe adds. “This will accept the patterns without getting too busy.”

    Mix and match: luxury vinyl planks

  • Tip #3: Lay down mosaic-patterned strips

    Looking for a transition that’s attention-grabbing and intricate? A mosaic-patterned transition strip is your best bet, and it’ll induce well-deserved floor envy from houseguests. “It’s a win-win,” Lipe says.

    Mix and match: ceramic tile and luxury vinyl plank, or ceramic tiles

  • Tip #4: Get wooden floor strips

    floor styles wooden strip

    Not all flooring strips are unappealing, and that’s where the wooden options come in. If a room with wood floors leads into a room with tile, make this transition simple by using a wooden flooring strip that matches the color of the wood floor.

    Mix and match: luxury vinyl plank and ceramic tile

  • Tip #5: Try curved carpet lines

    floor styles curved carpet

    Curving your carpet line is a perfect (and modern) technique to mix and match flooring. Plus, it’s an innovative way to turn an open floor–concept room into the perfect multipurpose area. “Sometimes a curved line is a great way to bring you into your space,” Lipe says.

    Mix and match: carpet and luxury vinyl plank, carpets, or carpet and ceramic tile

  • Tip #6: Go with subtle color transitions

    floor styles subtle color transitions

    A simple, geometric line in a shade that’s in between your rooms’ colors is a delicate yet sophisticated way to shift between two ceramic tiles of opposing colors.

    Mix and match: ceramic tiles, or ceramic tile and luxury vinyl in stone

Mix (and match) it up. Use our shopping tools to find the flooring combo of your dreams.

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