A Dogged Challenge: This Flooring for Dogs Passes the Kennel Test

flooring for dogs petprotect
  • One proof of success: satisfied customers. For STAINMASTER® PetProtect™ luxury vinyl flooring, those satisfied customers have four legs and spend their days at Doguroo, a doggy daycare in midtown Atlanta.

    “When we found out that there was a flooring specifically designed for pets and it took into account durability and grip for the pets while they’re playing, we were really excited,” says Sara Brunney, Doguroo manager. “We’re so happy to have it in our facility.”

    Doguroo got the new floor in summer 2016. With more than a hundred dogs a day visiting the daycare, the flooring has been getting a workout ever since.

  • Starting from scratch

    STAINMASTER® PetProtect™ luxury vinyl flooring is engineered to withstand scratching from even the biggest of dog breeds (such as this dog model). After months of wear by thousands of dogs, Brunney hasn’t noticed any scratches from dog claws at Doguroo.

    “The floor looks as good to me as when it got put in,” she says. “Our customers always comment on the floor. They love it in all the pictures that we take of the dogs. It really gives a good impression when people walk in.”

  • Get a grip

    STAINMASTER® PetProtect™ luxury vinyl flooring is designed to provide Pet ActionTraction™ for pet paws.

    “In the past, we’ve had concrete floors, which were pretty slippery on a humid day,” Brunney says. “With the new STAINMASTER® flooring, we find that even on those days, the dogs aren’t slipping around as much as they used to. They are actually able to play and not glide across the floor.”

    Brunney has also noticed a significant difference between the room with STAINMASTER® PetProtect™ luxury vinyl flooring and the flooring in other rooms. “The dogs are much happier on the STAINMASTER® floor,” she says. “They don’t slide. On the [other floors], it’s really slippery.”

    “We have [one group of] dogs that are super playful,” she says. “I feel safer in the sense that they are on a floor that isn’t going to allow them to slip and get possible ligament injuries. For me, that is a comfort because they have some traction and they’re not just slipping and sliding when they chase each other.”

  • Stands up to years of daily use

    In addition to the ClawShield™ coating, STAINMASTER® PetProtect™ luxury vinyl flooring is also durable.

    “We have hundreds of dogs that come in every single day,” says Colleen Hurley, assistant store manager. “With all the traffic that goes on those floors, there’s constant movement. The floors definitely get their wear and tear.”

    So not only is STAINMASTER® PetProtect™ luxury vinyl flooring durable for a pet-friendly home, it also stood up to all the traffic from the dogs at Doguroo.

  • No stains, no hassle, no kidding

    With all those dogs, accidents are bound to happen. When they do, they’re a cinch to clean. STAINMASTER® PetProtect™ luxury vinyl flooring resists pet stains and absorption of odor-causing liquids. “The cleanup is easy,” Hurley says.

    “We’ve had some very nasty accidents on that floor,” Brunney says. “We clean it up with our regular cleaning supplies and it’s no worse for wear. … And there’s no staining whatsoever. It looks really good.”

Perfect for paws, claws, and accidents. Put STAINMASTER® PetProtect™ luxury vinyl flooring to the test in your home.

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