Flooring That Complements Your Interior Design Style

From Montana to Maine and California to the Carolinas, America’s interior design tastes vary by state based on geographic location, climate, population density and other factors.

Angie’s List recently created an infographic map breaking down the most popular home styles on Instagram. State-by-state, #coastalliving is the most popular style in the U.S., with DIYers in 18 sea-facing states using the hashtag more than any other to describe their home interiors. The runner-up is #midcenturymodern – which is especially popular on the West Coast – followed by #rusticdecor, #traditionalhome, and #modernfarmhouse.

We spoke with Martha Wakelin, STAINMASTER® product design expert and three STAINMASTER® social media influencers – Janna Allbritton (@yellowprairieinteriors), Sara Davis (@sincerelysarad) and Leanna Laming (@lifebyleanna) – to pick up a few tips on picking carpet that matches a home’s interior design style.

Light and Bright: Quite Alright

“We continue to see a lot of white exteriors and interiors, which is reflective of the overall well-being movement,” Wakelin says. “Now, especially with COVID, we want our homes to reflect a clean, healthy lifestyle. People are bringing the outside in, too, especially with #coastalliving homes, where carpet patterns and textures that mimic elements of nature are really popular.”

Softer shades are in, in part, because they create a palate easily accented by bolder, darker carpeting. “In the past, people would pick one style of flooring to flow throughout the entire house,” Wakelin added. “But today we’re seeing homes with one look in the master and another in the rest of the home, for example.”

“Greige” tones – hybrids of soft greys and beiges – warm up the home by bringing a less-sterile feel to stark interiors. “We’re seeing this even more in the stay-at-home era, as everyone is seeking comfort and stability,” Wakelin added.

Light-colored flooring also gives rooms a roomier feel. “The goal is always to make the space look larger, especially where natural light is limited,” Laming said. “It’s amazing how much bigger and brighter a space looks with neutral carpeting.”

Play With Patterns

“I love neutral tones when it comes to choosing carpet,” Allbritton said. “But neutral doesn’t mean uninteresting. I love to have fun with textures and patterns. I’m also an area rug lover, which I use under our beds. It’s a great way to add a subtle, stylish touch on top of your beautiful STAINMASTER® carpet.”

Flooring that enhances #coastalliving and the similar #modernfarmhouse styles features textures and patterns influenced by sea grass, weathered wood, basket weaves and driftwood. Styles that complement #midcenturymodern trends feature “new retro” looks that feel both classic and contemporary.

Warm Up and Quiet Down

“When I think of #farmhouse style, I think of a cozy and inviting haven. And when I think of cozy, I think of carpet,” said Allbritton. “That’s why we use it in our bedrooms, to drive home that feel.”

STAINMASTER® carpets are soft and comfortable to walk on, creating a cocoon-like environment. But it delivers more than good looks, durability and warmth; it also helps minimize noise.

“There is not a more dampening, or acoustically pleasing, product than carpet,” Wakelin said. “As open-concept living evolves, carpet will play a major role in soundproofing areas for privacy and quiet.”

Timeless > Trendy

Flooring should stay true to your tastes but not be so unique that it will soon feel outdated.

“Don’t pick flooring solely based on your style,” Laming advises. “You want to transcend trends and time. Because your house may be #modernfarmhouse for a few years before you decide you want a change.”

Neutral looks complement a range of interior design styles and provide the freedom to experiment with wall colors and décor. “You want your flooring to last and match different paint shades, holiday decorations and more,” Laming said. “I always say that you must be able to picture yourself living in your home with just the flooring and walls.”

Davis concurs. “It’s best to pick flooring that doesn’t scream 2018 or 2020, for example,” she said. “I avoid patterns that feel too trendy. My goal is to have someone walk into our home in 10 years and have it feel as stylish and comfortable as it does today.”

In #traditional homes like Davis’s, warmer color palettes and rich accent colors (think browns, burgundies and other earthy tones, as well as a range of greens) complement sophisticated – but not overly ornate or ostentatious – aesthetics.

Resell value is another thing to consider. “I wanted to pick something that would appeal to a potential buyer,” Laming said. “Because we don’t see this as our forever home.”

Flooring is an integral – and often underappreciated – ingredient to a home’s appeal. “It’s such a determining factor when you walk into a room,” Allbritton said. “You might not know you’re noticing it, but you are. We all take in a room, subconsciously, from the floor up.”STAINMASTER Interior Design Styles


The STAINMASTER® carpet team analyzed insights from the Angie’s List infographic and highlighted carpet styles that complement today’s top interior design aesthetics and home décor trends.


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