4 Ways to Have Family Fun on Your (Clean) Granite Countertops

granite countertops clean kitchen

As long as anyone can remember, cleaning has gotten in the way of a good time. As a kid, cleaning your room kept you from entertaining your entourage of stuffed animals. Now, the possibility of staining your granite countertops can put a damper on a dinner party or make you treat your kitchen like a museum—something to be seen, not touched.

Granite can be challenging to clean because it’s a porous surface, meaning it’s easy for stains to penetrate deep into the surface. All-purpose cleaners don’t make cleaning granite countertops any easier because some don’t offer protection. Without any protection when cleaning your granite countertops, the stain and product may go deeper into the surface, which may lead to additional damage from excess liquid.

So when you can clean up messes and protect against stains, it can open up a world of ways for your family to enjoy your kitchen. That’s where STAINMASTER™ Granite Cleaner comes in. Specifically designed for stone surfaces, it defends against water-based stains, cleans and repels smudges and reveals your granite’s shine with no dulling residue. It even tackles tough, greasy stains for a quick, easy clean every time and can help replenish the sealant on your granite countertops, so you can stop dreading messes and start creating memories.

Here are a few ways to conquer your countertop challenges and start having fun in your kitchen with the help of STAINMASTER™ Granite Cleaner:

  1. 1. Get the kids hands-on with sweet, sticky and sloppy desserts

    The mess: Little hands take a while to master the finesse needed to cleanly crack an egg or pour all of the oil into the mixing bowl. Your child’s learning curve may threaten your pristine granite countertops with stains that last longer than the piece of cake on your kid’s plate.

    The fun: You can’t make a tasty pastry without breaking a few eggs, so go ahead and let the kids make a mess. Get their hands dirty with a mud pie full of cookie crumbs and gummy worms, or stretch their abilities with homemade taffy. Don’t be afraid of adding an extra splash of color with food coloring either.

    Something to try: s’mores tacos

  2. 2. Experiment with dinner, and find new flavors

    The mess: Grease splatter from a frying pan or spray from an unwieldy mixer can spread a mess across your kitchen. Why risk the dangers of making a fancy dinner when it could put your spotless granite countertops in harm’s way?

    The fun: Too much of a routine is boring, and there’s nothing like fresh new flavors to spice up mealtime. Go ahead and grab that fruit you’ve never seen before or the sauce with a name you can’t pronounce. A little grease splatter never hurt anyone (well, not much).

    Something to try: buttermilk fried chicken

  3. 3. Extend your parties into the kitchen

    The mess: You put out your best hand towels, use the good dishes and even splurge on a great bottle of wine. But while you’re putting your best party foot forward, you still keep the guests clear of your kitchen for fear of what they’ll see.

    The fun: Your granite countertops are one of the biggest statement pieces in your home, so don’t let their wow factor go to waste. Even after a day spent preparing hors d’oeuvres, entrees and desserts, invite your guests in—your countertop’s shine will be a conversation starter and the highlight of the party.

    Something to try: caprese skewers

  4. 4. Turn your countertop into a pastry board

    The mess: Pastries, pies and breads may come out soft, but the work that goes into these baked treats is definitely hard. Oils, flour and rolling pins all threaten to leave smudges across your granite countertops.

    The fun: There’s nothing quite as tasty as something baked fresh from your own oven, and the memories you can create cooking with family are even better. From breakfast goodies to scrumptious desserts, don’t hesitate to roll out that dough across your counter.

    Something to try: homemade bread

Make messes and memories with the help of STAINMASTER™ Granite Cleaner.

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