The Romance of Home Remodeling: Meet Chris Loves Julia

remodeling home chris loves julia

Chris and Julia Marcum have been remodeling ever since they bought their first home together in 2011.

Chris and Julia Marcum, the couple behind the blog Chris Loves Julia, bought their first home in 2011 and immediately began home remodeling projects from bathroom work to flooring selection. Now living in their second fixer-upper, you could say they’re renovating pros.

But above all, it’s also clear they know how to keep tension levels low and love abundant. So how do they achieve that when constantly doing something so stressful? By always finding a middle ground.

“[We started compromising] because we wanted to make each other happy,” Julia says. “Our home style has landed in a place where we’re both happier at home, which is a really great feeling.”

So when you’re in the midst of renovating a room with your significant other, consider these tips from Julia. They’ll help you and your partner focus on each other in the midst of one of the toughest challenges a relationship can face: home remodeling.

remodeling home living room carpet

For the Marcums, carpet isn’t just pretty. It’s a functional part of their family’s home.

Pick your battles

When you’re in a relationship, you should always know when an argument is really worth it. Deciding on a paint color definitely isn’t one of those times.

When working on a home remodel, remember not to fight in that particular room. “Our home is the most important place on Earth for our family,” Julia says. “When projects are filled with tension, that thing will always be remembered as what we fought about.”

“Our home is the most important place on Earth for our family.”

— Julia Marcum

Count your lucky stars

It’s a luxury to renovate your home, and that’s something never to forget. “We try to remember when tensions are high that not everyone has the means or time to renovate,” Julia says. “We’re lucky.” So when times get tough, take a deep breath together so you can free your minds (and new room) of negativity.

Take a break

You might be an all-the-groceries-in-one-trip kinda person, but you really shouldn’t use that logic when renovating a room in your home—especially when your significant other is involved. Julia suggests taking a break to grab a bite to eat, change the music, and have some time to relax with each other. It’s not a race!

Taking regular breaks during renovation projects keeps stress levels low and smiles big.

Keep smiling

When money is on the line, things can get stressful. Well, let’s be honest—things will get stressful. Julia says it’s best to come up with numerous options for one room to ultimately decide on one approach and in the meantime, to keep smiling. “[We try to remember that] we won’t be renovating forever,” she says. “And one day, we’ll look back on these days with a smile, as long as we keep smiling.”

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