Insta-Famous Golden Retriever Brothers Causing Chaos

Tarynn Brown created a dedicated Instagram account for her dog, Charlie, when she realized her lovingly laidback golden retriever had taken over her personal feed. A year or so later, she and her husband welcomed a second golden, Bodie, into their family – and the real fun began.

“Charlie was our only child for two years, but we decided to give him a brother when we moved from Chicago to Indianapolis because he needed a playmate,” the proud furmom recalls.

Brothers Stairs

They hit it off immediately, forming a yin-and-yang bond. “Bodie is a handful of trouble who loves nothing more than rolling in the mud and destroying the house,” Tarynn says. “As a puppy, he ate literally everything – carpet, couch cushions, mantle décor.”

Charlie, on the other hand, is a “well-behaved, nervous Nellie,” Tarynn adds.

A 2017 video of Bodie “slow-walking” to Charlie to snatch a shared toy went viral, turning the polar-opposite pups into social media stars. In the video, which has been viewed more than a million times and inspired countless copycat clips and sequels, Bodie lurks, head low to the ground like a panther eyeing his prey, before coming nose to nose with Charlie. After a long staredown, they wag their tails and scurry off in opposite directions.

This summer, the Brown family added a third male golden retriever – Riggs – to their already rambunctious crew. “Riggs loves to annoy his brothers, biting their legs and ears, sitting on them and stealing their toys,” Tarynn says. “But they love him, of course.”

Riggs’ puppy energy has been contagious; his brothers are even peppier than they were as a duo. “We now have three dogs who are active nonstop,” says Tarynn, who has had golden retrievers since she was 13 years old. “They get the zoomies, especially first thing in the morning and in the evening. It’s like having three toddlers; we have to wear them out at night by running them around the yard.”

Brothers Cause Chaos

The trio’s Instagram is packed with playful videos and photos of them sleeping, cuddling and wrestling. “If they puke on the carpet, you’ll see that, too,” Tarynn adds.

Each pup has his own personality, which comes through in Tarynn’s creative, chuckle-inducing captions. “We try to keep things lighthearted and comical – which is pretty easy with these guys,” Tarynn says. “I encourage our followers to check in first thing in the morning to catch us in peak chaos mode.”

She posts three to four times per week and provides story updates every few hours depending on the day’s activities and antics. With the holidays fast approaching, get ready to see Charlie, Bodie and Riggs reluctantly sporting festive attire.

Followers regularly send messages of thanks for brightening up their feeds. “People see us as an outlet for happiness,” Tarynn adds, “and an escape from the never-ending stream of political and COVID content.”

Fans also pepper Tarynn with questions. “They wonder how we keep our house clean [hint: keep reading],” Tarynn says, “and are curious to know about our favorite shampoo, food, toys and more.”

Brothers Napping

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