Can the Right Flooring Really Bring Two People Together?

Jess-family-roomWhat do you get when you put an interior designer and a builder together to collaborate on a new rental home? When it’s Janna Allbritton of Yellow Prairie Interiors and Jess Davis of, you get a bright, airy space and an amazing new friendship.

Our relationship with Janna began when we worked with her on her 120-year-old historic farmhouse in Oregon. We provided STAINMASTER® PetProtect™ luxury vinyl for a few spaces and STAINMASTER® PetProtect® carpets to help make the bedrooms and office a bit cozier. You can see how amazing it all turned out here. And we knew Jess had STAINMASTER® luxury vinyl in her own home, since we’ve seen her gorgeous Instagram posts. Check out more of Jess’s home and her beautiful floors here.

C11013-Jessica-Davis_Guest-room-2_PetProtect-luxury-vinyl-Dixie-SeashellWhen we learned Jess was starting work on a new rental home, we knew it would be a great opportunity to collaborate on a really fun and special project. We reached out to both Jess and Janna to see how they would feel about working together and here’s what followed.

Long Distance Love Affair
The fact that Janna and Jess were already fans of one another’s work is what makes this collaboration so exciting. Jess first discovered Janna on Instagram years ago when she was searching for ‘nice, rustic baby gates’ for her new home. When she found the perfect one, it led her to Janna’s social media feed. And with just a few clicks, she fell in love with Janna’s beautiful home and has been a follower ever since.

Janna discovered Jess when a friend sent her a DM telling her about this Instagram feed with a “fresh, clean look”. Janna was instantly hooked on Jess’s bright and airy photos. Her stories are so much fun to watch. She is both grounded and calm and entertaining and beautiful.

From Followers to Friends
After the STAINMASTER® brand brought them together, an online relationship began to blossom. But when they got the opportunity to actually work together, that’s when the real fun started. Jess admits to being a little star struck by Janna since she has been following her for so long. “I feel invested in her as a person and I’m a fan of hers, so it’s amazing to be together now, and to be doing this project, to work together.” C10997-Jessica-Davis_Bedroom-3_PetProtect-luxury-vinyl-Dixie-Seashell

Janna sums up their working relationship perfectly: “It’s so much fun!”. When you follow someone on social media, you feel like you already know them even if they’re on the other side of the country. You learn about their family and watch little bits of their life, but usually that’s where it ends. Getting the opportunity to meet Jess in person and discover that she was every bit as great in real life was amazing.

Bringing Everything Together
Even though the collaboration went so smoothly, there were still some challenges to work out. Like, how do you create a cohesive design scheme when you’re on opposite sides of the country?

The process began with brainstorming sessions over the phone, and those calls made any worries melt away. Both of these talented women have a similar design style, so working together was easy. But because this rental home was going to be a departure from Jess’s clean-farmhouse style, Janna’s interior design background really came into play.

Janna offered advice on big choices like lighting, area rugs, and window treatments early on in the collaboration. So, when they got together in person to finish shopping, Jess already had a good start. By all accounts, the shopping trip was a lot of silly fun despite how much they had to accomplish in such a short amount of time.

How Did It All Turn Out?
According to Janna the vacation rental is beautiful and the entire project was a “dream come true”. Jess wholeheartedly agrees. By combining vintage pieces with new and modern items they were able to successfully pull together a bold mid-century modern look. The property is also a beach house with some rustic touches, so it has roots in a few of their favorite styles.

C10996-Jessica-Davis_Bedroom-2_PetProtect-luxury-vinyl-Dixie-SeashellThe STAINMASTER® PetProtect™ luxury vinyl helps set the tone for the whole house. There were some initial concerns about using such a light flooring. But after seeing it in place, both Janna and Jess agree it was the right choice. The cool, light color allowed them to create warmth with a lot of wood furniture and boldly colored rugs. When asked if she would make a change to the flooring, Jess was very clear. “No way. There’s nothing I would change about them, love them, obsessed with them.”

Both Janna and Jess admit to having a favorite room when it comes to the design of the house. Jess loves the master bedroom and its funky walls. While Janna is a fan of how the living room came together, with minimal but carefully chosen decor. Watch the video and decide for yourself which room is your favorite.

Are you looking for a durable and attractive flooring that can stand up to pets and a busy family? Choose STAINMASTER® PetProtect™ luxury vinyl for beautiful colors and worry free living.

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