Meet Moose, the Dog Model

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We usually get questions about flooring. But when a huge, shaggy Newfoundland first appeared in a photo shoot for STAINMASTER® PetProtect® carpet, the most-asked question wasn’t about the floor. It was about the dog model.

Moose is large even for a Newfoundland. He weighs 176 pounds, and is taller than the average Newfie. A dog that huge, who sheds that much, was a perfect model for our carpets, and not because of his decorum. Newfies tend to drool. A lot. Keeping them odor-friendly, and keeping that odor out of your home, is no small task.

As soon as this big guy began appearing in ads, he was a hit, garnering up to 4,500 Facebook Likes for one photo and a whole lotta questions and comments. We think he’s pretty fantastic, too. So here’s the “tall tail” on Moose.

(Slightly) smaller than the average bear

Bill West saw his first Newfoundland years ago at a park in Raleigh, North Carolina. The huge breed looks so much like a bear that Newfoundland pups are sometimes called cubs. He was immediately sold.

“I said, ‘What is that?’ I knew I wanted one. So I saved my money.” Seven years ago, West brought his first dog to his Haw River, North Carolina, home: a chocolate-colored puppy named Moose, who lived up to his name. “He weighed 22 pounds at eight weeks,” West says. “He was a blockish little bear.”

“I said, ‘What is that?’ I knew I wanted one.”

— Bill West

dog model newfoundland puppy

Moose as a pup. He had a lot of growing to do.

Bill West

Puppy power

West, a musician, has regular Sunday get-togethers with other musicians. “Each week, someone would always say, ‘He looks bigger,’” West says. “Moose was gaining about 5 pounds every week.”

Although all Newfoundlands are huge, Moose the dog model is larger than most. Males usually top out at 150 pounds, but Moose, at age 7, is 176 pounds of quiet love. The breed is known for being pretty laid-back. “He’s extremely docile. Everything on him is just jumbo.”

West says Moose not only weighs more, but he’s taller and longer than most Newfies. Yet, “he doesn’t eat as much as you’d think,” says West. When he does occasionally throw Moose a pizza crust, the dog takes it out back and buries it.

Moose on the loose

West also has several cats, who managed to scare Moose into submission early on. “They all took turns bopping him on the nose,” says West. “Now they’re all friends, and the cats sleep up next to him. The cats are tiny, but they run things.”

Moose sheds, but “in convenient clumps, not hairs. He sheds little tumbleweeds.” West says he’s like the guy at the circus who’s constantly walking around with a broom and dustpan. For awhile, he had both Moose and a carpet, but he switched to wood floors some years back.

The dog still requires a lot of maintenance. Bill sweeps, vacuums, and even whisks Moose’s excess hair with a leaf blower at least every other day. “Moose loves the leaf blower,” he says, and there’s video to prove it. Moose loving the leaf blower is just one of more than 30 YouTube videos West has posted of his dog model.

Big dog, big accidents

Fortunately, housebreaking came easily to Moose; West used the crate-training method. “The biggest challenge was finding a crate that was big enough for him. I went through a lot of them.” Still, he says Moose “got it” pretty quickly, especially because he’s got a lot of land for roaming and … going.

Moose “pants” the town

The chocolate dog model spends his days swimming in the river, enjoying the big swath of land around West’s home (“although he’s also a couch potato,” says West), and accompanying West when he runs errands. He’s well-known around town. “He’s in a lot of cell phones, that’s for sure,” says West. “People stop us so they can take pictures. [He’s] kind of like … Chewbacca, so you want to take him everywhere.”

It was on one of those jaunts that Moose was “discovered.” “A woman told me she had a photographer friend who needed a big dog who would drool,” says West. The photographer was working for STAINMASTER®.

Moose went to the shoot and the rest was history. He even has a dog talent agent. So far, he hasn’t copped an attitude.

Now when Moose joins his musician dad onstage, they’re both stars in their own right. “I’d love any dog I got, but really, he’s just awesome,” West says.

“He does everything your dog would do, but 176 pounds of it.”

PetProtect® carpet: More pet hair in your vacuum, less on your pants.

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