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When Everything's Perfectly Un-perfect. That's #MyPerfectMess.

Thanks for visiting the #MyPerfectMess contest page. If you're making a mess, you're doing it right.

ANNOUNCING the Winners

Meet our three lucky winners!


WILLIAM LEE my perfect mess winner activefamily


CHERYL HOLSAPFEL my perfect mess winner trusoft


LOUISE REEVES my perfect mess winner petprotect


What’s a perfect mess? Take a look at these perfectly messy moments.

We Put Our Carpet to the Test.

Things got really messy. Here’s what #MyPerfectMess looks like with STAINMASTER® carpet.

It’s a Dog Paw-ty

So the party got a little crazy. The Corgi ran figure eights under the table, and the Labradoodle ate in circles on the table. Good thing somebody knows how to put the party in party animal. It was worth every Instagrammable minute. 
That’s #MyPerfectMess.

Wine Yoga is Still Yoga

If it’s a good weekend, one of the following things will happen: a little yoga, a little wine, and some friends. Finally figured how to do it all at once. Just moved a few pieces of furniture around, got the corkscrew, and got on the phone. Now, that's inner peace.
That’s #MyPerfectMess.

Her First Slumber Party (Mine, Too)

Selfie stick? Check. That silly stuff that sprays out of a can? Check. First time supervising a slumber party? Yep. The hardest part was waiting for the dad-manicure to dry. The best part? Being in the middle of the mess. Everybody, bring it in. Floor hug.
That’s #MyPerfectMess.

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