Why Nylon 6,6 Is a Superhero Fiber

nylon carpet fiber

It’s the most walked-on, lived-on surface in your home: your floor. Who wouldn’t want a superhero fiber working hard every day to save the life of your carpet? Say hello to Nylon 6,6.

But Nylon 6,6 isn’t only a superhero fiber in the life of your carpet. It’s already working in some lifesaving ways in your daily life.

Take a look—and look closely. Nylon 6,6 is smaller than a wisp of hair.

Silky strong: parachutes

Maybe not an everyday item—unless you work for NASA. When the space agency started packing an unmanned spacecraft for a trip to Saturn in 1997, it needed a material that could take the years-long trip and extreme temperature shifts, yet still perform like silk when the chute finally opened to land the small spacecraft. In 2005, with the help of a Nylon 6,6 parachute, the craft landed on Saturn’s moon, Titan, like a star.

Lifesaving device: auto airbags and seatbelts

nylon carpet fiber seatbelt

Of all the fibers you could pick for your carpet, only one is tough enough to be the leader in automotive airbags—Nylon 6,6. To keep drivers safe, seatbelts and airbags are made from Nylon 6,6.

That same lifesaving strength is tufted into carpet, so it can stay looking newer, longer.

Aesthetic beauty: guitar nuts

Some of the best-sounding electric guitars ever made wouldn’t sound that way without a piece of Nylon 6,6. In the ’50s and ’60s, a guitar maker started using it instead of animal bone for the nut—that small, white bar at the top of the fingerboard. Nylon 6,6 was tougher to cut, but it could withstand the constant vibration of the strings, and—some guitar makers say—produced a more beautiful, vibrant tone.

Have no fear. A STAINMASTER® retailer is near.

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