She Sheds: 4 Steps To Creating Your Dream Space

The most dreamed-about part of a woman’s home sometimes isn’t even a space inside it. It’s the “she shed,” a place where you’re free to express your personal style, unwind with a favorite hobby, or just get away from it all. You can even decorate with the statement pieces your significant other just doesn’t get—like all-white slipcovers or those great industrial-chic thrift store finds you’ve accumulated over the years.

Ready to create your own domain? Here are a few tips from bloggers who created their own eclectic she sheds.

  • Step 1: Reclaim your space

    she shed space

    Like the name suggests, many she sheds start with a simple shed that’s either already in the backyard, or ordered from a home improvement store. But any outside structure can be adapted to be a she shed—like the garage Denise Sabia of the blog The Painted Home transformed into a flea market–inspired getaway. A good place to start is cleaning out that garage or shed so you can clearly see what you have to work with.

    A good place to start is cleaning out that garage or shed so you can clearly see what you have to work with.

  • Step 2: Determine its function

    she shed seating

    Once you’ve found your she shed, Sabia recommends giving the space a purpose—even if that purpose is “a place to have some undisturbed me time.” That’s because the function of your she shed will determine what pieces you’ll need to bring in and how you’ll organize the space.

    For example, if your she shed will be used for crafting, you’ll want plenty of storage for supplies and a nice big surface to get your craft on. If your she shed will be a getaway for reading and relaxation, you’ll want to bring in a comfy lounge chair and a coffee table.

    Garden designer and photographer Deana Rae McMillion made her she shed part sanctuary, part studio. Her tiny creative space houses her collections and art supplies. “It’s so wonderful to have a place with all of my items on display so that I can admire and easily get to them,” she says.

  • Step 3: Find your décor

    she shed decorations

    Sabia’s shed is flea-market style. “It’s a collection of oddball pieces that never found a home in our main house,” she says. Her vintage style is a perfect way to decorate, since it allows you to use an assortment of eclectic pieces that you love without committing to a specific theme. There’s another bonus, too: Moving collections and interesting odds-and-ends into your she shed makes it super-easy to organize your main living space. And, get creative. Hang art in groups on the wall, use interesting old bottles as vases, layer blankets for a shabby chic look, and repaint old furniture to give it a new life.

“I love the cozy collected feel of my she shed,” Sabia says. “I love that it only took a little elbow grease and some flea-market finds that I already had to pull it all together.”

Color is also an important part of your she shed décor. McMillion focused her palette on warmer shades of beige and white, which helps shift the focus to her unique collection. “It makes a great backdrop and doesn’t compete with my collection of vintage items,” she says. “Although I love color, the warmth of the vanilla beige has a really peaceful feeling that evokes my creativity.”

  • Step 4: Invest in details that matter

    Repurposing décor you already have not only helps you express your style and declutter your main living space, but it also opens your budget to splurges. Though the goal of Sabia’s she shed makeover was to make use of her collection of flea-market finds, she wishes she had spent a little bit more time focusing on other details.

    “I would have loved to have installed an industrial-type floor to add more comfort to the room,” she says. Also consider spending a little bit more on outdoor furniture, elegant lighting, or for landscaping outside of your shed.

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