Tips For Brightening A Room

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Now that we’re all spending a lot more time at home, we are all looking for ways to make our home more inviting. One of my favorite ways to make a home more inviting is by brightening rooms. Obviously knocking down walls and adding windows can help, but remodeling is often not an option, here are some tips for brightening a room:

  • Declutter
  • Paint
  • Lighting
  • Flooring– We recently added new STAINMASTER flooring, and it’s made a HUGE difference in brightening our home. I share all the details on the carpet later in this post.



Brightening a room den STAINMASTER carpet

I’m only sharing a small snapshot of this room because it is still a work in progress (stay tuned). However, this summer I spent a lot of time decluttering our home – specifically this room. We had so much junk in it. If we didn’t need it, I either tossed it, donated it, or sold it.

Here is a before photo of the space:

Old Room


Paint can make a huge impact without the high price tag. Our upstairs landing lacks natural light and was fairly dark and dreary. I painted all the walls an off-white (Behr’s Swiss Coffee) and painted the stair railing an off-white as well (Oyster White by Sherwin Williams).


Although it’s not the same angle, here’s a shot of our upstairs landing before I painted the stair railing (and before the new carpet was installed which I will talk about in a minute).

Old carpet


Lighting makes a huge difference in brightening a space – especially in the darker evening hours. In the winter, it gets dark here in Indiana around dinnertime which makes for a long, dreary evening. We don’t have enough overhead lighting in our home (which was built in the 90’s), so my favorite way to add inexpensive lighting it through wall lamps.

Brightening a room STAINMASTER carpet

I have these wall lamps (which you can install yourself, and I have a cord hiding trick HERE) I used all over our home. They work great for adding additional lighting to any room and work well for reading lamps.



My last tip for how to brighten a space is an investment, but it is a fantastic way to brighten (and update) your home. We recently installed new flooring throughout our home and went fairly light to help lighten all the rooms. It is amazing the difference it made – especially in the spaces without natural light.

We selected STAINMASTER® carpet for our home:

All of our carpet selections brighten up our home, and we can rest easy knowing all STAINMASTER® carpets include a lifetime warranty on stain, soil, static shock and pet urine. As always, please refer to the STAINMASTER® carpet warranty for more details.

Here’s a shot of our stairway with painting stair railing and new flooring:

STAINMASTER carpet stairs

And here’s a shot of our stairway before the changes:

Old carpet stairs

Are you struggling to choose the right flooring for your home? Go HERE to see tips for selecting flooring.


Sara D.

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