Luxury Vinyl Plank: 4 Stylish Looks for Your Home

vinyl plank flooring looks

“Your new hardwood floors are so stylish,” your neighbor Erica says, whose house envy is appreciated but a bit much.

“Actually,” you say, “It’s not hardwood—it’s luxury vinyl plank.”

Luxury vinyl is a great choice when you’re looking for affordable flooring that’s superior and stylish. It’s stain and scuff resistant, durable, and easy to maintain. Plus, there are even options specifically for homes with pets.

With a wide array of colors and patterns, you can find the vinyl floor that complements your home’s color schemes, décor, and furniture.

Here are four looks you can bring to your home with the right vinyl floor:

  • Elegant

    Whether it’s a lush white sofa in your living room or a vintage duvet with lace in your master bedroom, a dark walnut vinyl floor in plank can create an elegant backdrop that matches the sophisticated choices you’ve made in your home.

  • Rustic

    vinyl plank rustic playroom

    A pickled oak vinyl floor in plank with an unfinished, distressed look can add lots of personality to any room in your home, from an open floor space to a kitchen. Plus, reclaimed anything is in these days—and it’s here to stay.

  • Modern

    If you always deck out your home with the latest décor trends, a vinyl floor in plank with a soft chocolate tone can highlight your home’s sleek white walls and cutting-edge, contemporary look.

  • Classic

    Looking for something simple or vintage? Choose a vinyl plank floor in a glossy mahogany with a distinctive wood texture to go with your family’s leather living room set or dining room table—because hey, classic is always timeless.

Flooring your neighbors will envy. Because you deserve to have the stylish home you’ve always wanted.

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