Why I Chose STAINMASTER® Luxury Vinyl Floors

This article was written by Nichol Naranjo, who was sponsored by STAINMASTER®. All opinions are her own. Originally written on August 18th, 2020. Original Link: https://www.nicholnaranjo.com/single-post/2020/08/18/-why-i-chose-stainmaster-luxury-vinyl-floors

Nichol Naranjo

Why hello there! It’s been waaayy too long since I’ve popped in on here and I apologize for that. If you follow me on Instagram, you know we were attempting to revamp my blog, and then life happened {aka Covid-19, our daughter’s wedding planning, etc.}. However, it’s time to get back to it, even if the blog revamp isn’t complete, because I just HAVE to tell you guys all about our stunning STAINMASTER® luxury vinyl flooring! It’s too good not to share! This luxury vinyl really is the BEST and a complete lifesaver, especially during these quarantine days. It’s waterproof, teen proof, stain resistant and it’s pet friendly! I told you it really is the best! Since I get asked a lot of questions about our luxury vinyl, I thought I would answer them here!


Here are some details:

We chose STAINMASTER® PetProtect™ luxury vinyl {in White Oak} for our entire second. Our second floor is where our daughters’ bedrooms, bathroom, den and laundry room all reside. Basically, our second floor works HARD and takes a daily beating. Oh did I mention Liberty and Luka love to hang out upstairs too?!?

Dog on STAINMASTER® Luxury Vinyl

So, what is STAINMASTER® PetProtect™ luxury vinyl? Well, basically this beautiful floor has this amazing, realistic texture that protects pets from skidding, slipping and sliding on this floor! Liberty and Luka slip on our other flooring downstairs, so this is a welcomed feature for sure! They both love this floor…and so do their humans. 😉

Dog in Living room

Did you say waterproof?!? I sure did! This floor is actually in our daughters’ bathroom. Meaning, three daughters, plus their boyfriends and friends us this bathroom daily. It sees A LOT of water and traffic and its help up beautifully!


Now for how we’ve personally tested the stain resistant claim…aside from the daily wear and tear of a family of five with two dogs. Well, let’s see – there’s A LOT of makeup and hair products involved, not to mention paint {one of our daughter’s is an artist}, plus the giant and tiny paws of a Great Dane and Yorkie {Liberty sleeps and loves to be upstairs the majority of the day}, I could go on. However, let me tell you about the time that our daughter Michaela {the aforementioned artist} had no idea that her India Ink was slowly leaking and dripping from her art table to our new floor!!! Did I mention I didn’t discover this until after it had dripped for an entire weekend and had dried completely??? Oh my heart. Panicked, I contacted STAINMASTER® for direction. You guys, the ink came out within minutes after trying warm water, dish soap and a scrubbing brush! Mind blown! Heart relieved and able to function fully again. Oh the life of a creative living with creatives, ha ha!

Dog on STAINMASTER® Luxury Vinyl

I say it all the time, but we really do love this floor SO much! It’s simply incredible! Not to mention, it’s so gorgeous, looks like real wood, is quiet underfoot {which is extra wonderful since it’s upstairs}, and it has brightened our entire second floor! Also, the maintenance is ridiculously easy. We simply vacuum and mop and voila, it’s good to go! It also hides dirt really well, a little too well…which I’m not complaining about. 😉 We are so thankful for this fabulous flooring!

STAINMASTER® Luxury Vinyl Hallway

I really can’t sing its praises loud enough and the color selection over at STAINMASTER® is just beautiful! Head on over and take a look, my friends! You will not be disappointed!



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